Our Mission

We are a family owned and operated business that is devoted to fairness and quality.  We will help you.  We will take whatever steps necessary to complete the job to your liking, and to keep in mind your project overhead while staying within the boundary of the California Title 24 Energy Code.

Our History

The owner, Larry Trimm, had worked 8 years for himself as a HVAC contractor.  Totaling his entire knowledge of the HVAC trade to 28 years.  Now, he was a Master Mechanic of HVAC repair for a local school district.  To provide an even better future for his loved ones,  Larry ventured into another field.  Beginning in the early '80s, he performed countless reports for customers trying to both understand and comply with the California Energy Code (Title 24).  Even despite the limited hours of the evenings and weekends that Larry had devoted, his reputation grew and once again persuaded him to open his own doors.  In 1992, Title 24's by Larry was born.

This company has survived as a well respected and dependable name during it's existence.  Growth has been stagnate until recently.  As everyone in the industry knows, in October of 2005, California quite possibly made the biggest most drastic change in it's energy code than it has ever done since it's conception in 1978.  With this new code, the demand for Title 24 Reports has grown. 

Our Credentials

Larry Trimm

  • 28+ Years in the HVAC Industry
  • 24+ Years authoring Energy Calculations
  • CABEC Certified Energy Plans Examiner for Residential & Nonresidential
  • CABEC Certified Energy Analyst for Residential & Nonresidential



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