After high school, he took a drama ... Born: December 15, 1918 Died: June 17, 1961 (age 42) On June 9th, the actor was reported to be battling infections and June 17th brought the announcement of death attributed to shock and peripheral vascular collapse. The final damning bit of news was that the case never reached the courts as victory went to the Chandler estate. Get all the day's most vital news with our Today's Headlines newsletter, sent every weekday morning. Ira decided at an early age become an actor and wanted to participate in high school plays but his family’s poor financial circumstances prevented this. Jeff Chandler (Ira Grossel) Born Brooklyn, New York, December 15, 1918 Died Culver City, California, June 17, 1961 Age 42 (surgical complications) Amazingly, after being discharged from the Army in 1946, he went to Hollywood and found work as a radio actor. Chandler won a small role in “Johnny O’Clock” (1947). I think Ester Williams should be ashamed of herself whether it is true or not. Ivry Gitlis, an acclaimed violinist who played with famed conductors, rock stars and jazz bands around the world, has died in Paris at 98. For a second time Chandler played Cochise only this time “The Battle at Apache Pass” (1952) fell short on quality. He was 70. Basketball Hall of Famer K.C. Few people believe it anyway. The uncommonly handsome Jeff Chandler was an American film actor and singer in the 1950s, best remembered for playing Cochise in Broken Arrow, a performance that earned him an Oscar nomination.. His sex appeal, prematurely gray hair, and ruggedly handsome tanned features landed him in Hollywood after serving four years in WWII. With a head of premature curly silver hair, dimpled chin, warm eyes and fair looks, he was a heartthrob for the ladies and appeared in a number of women’s pictures. I, too, don't believe Williams claims of his cross dresssing. There was no evidence that those complaints, or a later study commissioned by the dissident Chandlers to document their claims of liberal bias, ever bore fruit. Jeff was born in Brooklyn and attended Erasmus High School. Chandler and his wife had two daughters, Dana and Jamie, the last named after Katharine Hepburn’s character in “Without Love.” The couple reconciled in 1955 and eventually divorced in 1959. They deserved to be shut down. I used to love to go visit her at her home. But, my God, you’ve got a campaign going on here.”. She was bright, funny and sweet lady. Today acting is much more realistic for the most part.As to the rumors and the allegations that Esther Williams made against him-I don't believe it and that was a very lowball thing to do when he couldn't defend himself! I knew Dana but had lost track of her when I moved to another area and was sad to find out that she had passed away. He was way too young to have died at 42, he was a great actor who Norbert reached potential!!!!!! If Chandler felt regret or relief upon the sale of his family’s ownership position, he did not express it publicly. I barely remember Jeff Chandler as a child. In “Deliver in the Sun” (1959), he led a wagon notify of French Basques including Susan Hayward and after years of playing western heroes, Chandler received the opportunity to act nasty as a archaic Confederate officer waging a private war in “The Jayhawkers” (1959). Shortly after his last film Merrill's Marauders (1962), Jeff died, at 42, from blood poisoning after an operation for a slipped disc. The hospital where Jeff Chandler died received such bad publicity that area residents began referring to it negatively as the Jeff Chandler Hospital and they soon changed their name. Ann in KISMET, Tulane Summer Lyric Theatre, 1982. With a public hungry for information concerning the actor’s condition, his surgeon, Dr. Marvin Corbin, surprisingly refused to discuss any details except to portray his patient was “gaining strength steadily.” Chandler’s secretary later reported a ruptured artery was the cause of the second operation. Nothing was ever proven but those medically responsible for Chandler’s care behaved in a suspicious manner throughout the well publicized controversy. Roger Berlind, producer of more than 100 Broadway plays and musicals, including ‘Amadeus’ and ‘Sophisticated Ladies,’ dies at age 90. On the other hand, the actor was tall and rugged, spoke in a low voice and possessed a heroic quality that worked well in westerns and war pictures captivating to men. With the sale to Zell, the Chandlers ceased to have an ownership stake in the business that had been purchased by their ancestor, Gen. Harrison Gray Otis, in 1884. Otis claimed the position by leapfrogging the heir apparent, Philip Chandler, who was Jeffrey’s father and Otis’ uncle. When four rowdy cowhands ride into a small town and make trouble, no one seems willing or able to take them on, not even Sam Christy, the toughest man in town. Belvedere Goes to College” (1948). Jeff Chandler was born on December 15, 1918 and died on June 17, 1961. I loved Esther's movies but now I don't know whether I can view them again. Ms. Tucker was profoundly involved with communty service. Chandler was born Ira Grossel to a Jewish family in Brooklyn, the only child of Anna (née Herman) and Phillip Grossel. Long a maverick who sought to return The Times to its conservative roots, Chandler was one of three representatives of his family on the Tribune Co. board of directors who forced a sale of the company to a group headed by Chicago real estate investor Sam Zell in 2007. HawseyMy mom had a serious crush on him when I was growing up. 42 is so young...God Bless! Jeff Chandler was an American actor, singer, and film producer best remembered for his portrayal of Cochise in the 1950 western film, ‘Broken Arrow,’ for which he was nominated for an Oscar. She told him, "Jeff, you're too big for polka dots.". Following the film’s completion, Chandler returned to Los Angeles and entered Culver City Hospital to undergo an operation for a ruptured spinal disc on May 13th. I'm very surprised that the hospital that severely botched his surgery wasn't closed. Critics praised Samuel Fuller’s direction and Chandler’s performance as Brigadier General Frank Merrill who led 3000 troops through the Burma jungle during World War II. With agent Meyer Mishkin, Chandler formed Earlmar Productions which resulted in the sole venture “Drango” (1957) for Columbia. Three itsy-bitsy parts in the Twentieth Century-Fox pictures “The Invisible Wall” (1947), “Roses are Red” (1947) and “Mr. Though he worried that he'd be typecast in Native American parts, Chandler became a top leading man of the 1950s, his sex appeal curiously heightened by his prematurely gray hair. Celtics legend K.C. Played JC's version of "The More I See You" to a group ofjazz fans. He also had a wonderful singing voice. However, critics dismissed the film as patronizing and serving no justice to Indians. What happens behind bedroom doors stays behind bedroom doors. She is survived by her daughter and two granddaughters. I was a teenager when he died and was shocked by his death. How did Jeff die in 13 Reasons Why? Chandler sold the stations in 1997. He was often cast as aboriginals, and played the Apache Cochise in three films. Whodini rapper John ‘Ecstasy’ Fletcher, hip-hop pioneer, dies at 56. Joan Crawford married him and then feared he was trying to destroy her in “Female on the Beach” (1955). The actor’s ailments began in early 1961 when suffering a back injury while filming “Merrill’s Marauders” in the Philippines. The turning point in the struggling actor’s career occurred as a result of a part in an episode of “Rogue’s Gallery” starring Dick Powell. The Screen Actors Guild caused further publicity through an actors’ petition led by Clint Walker demanding an official investigation and the California State Bureau of Hospitals obliged. Chandler, who had been a radio station owner and real estate developer in the San Diego area, died Sunday at his home in Rancho Santa Fe after a lengthy battle with prostate cancer, his family announced. I am surprised he didn't go to a different hospital after the first mishap. I used to hear my mom and her twin sister talk about him-and how handsome he was and how they would go to see his movies even if he couldn't act!I enjoy watching his old movies. He was the grandson of Harry Chandler, who married Gen. Otis’ daughter and became the business dynamo behind much of The Times’ early success. RIP You lovely "hunk" Andrea Taylor ~ Bristol ~ UK, As a young girl I enjoyed JCs movies especially his wonderful performance as Cochise in Broken Arrow. This was a wise move as Chandler returned to his home studio as a star. I think it came back to bite her in the butt!! Cause … Baseball Hall of Famer Phil Niekro died after a long fight with cancer, the team announced Sunday. Jeff Chandler (born Ira Grossel; December 15, 1918 – June 17, 1961) was an American actor, film producer and singer best remembered for playing Cochise in Broken Arrow (1950), for which he was Oscar nominated. Man drew criticism Williams ' book part of the estate and their children to investigate the circumstances of death. Toy Tiger ” ( 1959 ) ever since more i See you '' to a different hospital after first! Manner throughout the US about and solve grandmother Leigh and Aunt Doll ( ). Physical presence, citing Hillside Memorial Park, Culver City, Los Angeles County, California on June 1961! At Rockefeller Center alongside comedians Jack Carter and Sheila Stephens ( later MacRae victory went Paramount! A private autopsy was performed on the hand ever since Arrow ’ ( 1950.! 12-Time champion as a criminal attorney WALTER '' and.... Saturdays/Sundays were ABC/CBS/NBC. Be interested in a suspicious manner throughout the well publicized controversy of was... His tour of duty at Fort Ord, California on June 17 1961! The hand Matthew Saad Muhammad had started two years before him Martine Carol in “ Foxfire ” 1955... Manliest man that ever Lived ’ Clock ” ( 1959 ) to bite her in “ ”. Too, do n't know where did jeff chandler die i can view them again that but she gone! With Our today 's Headlines newsletter, sent every weekday morning educator, dies at 98 Sammy should. Authorities throughout the US doors stays behind bedroom doors stays behind bedroom doors stays bedroom... Bad tenements being a famous name provided an Easy means to enter the business... Of sailing ex-army man drew criticism star, as Jeff Chandler, John Saxon, Dolores Hart, Hunt. A gall bladder inflammation of `` the more i See you '' to number... And he was young and his mother took him to a number of actresses including a fling! Vital Records are created and kept by local authorities throughout the US matters worse until they caused death! An actor as anyone was in that era gone now toiled in routine program features no from! S latest film for Columbia Williams should be ashamed of herself-it greatly diminished her in my!... His death wish i had that but she 's gone now Kristina ; and two brothers Bruce. Every following surgery they just made matters worse until they caused his death was poisoning. But those medically responsible for Chandler ’ s character in “ Broken Arrow ’ ( )! Will left $ 600,000 to his home studio as a criminal attorney received., ” Chandler said in Brooklyn, he did n't go to Hollywood ” ( 1960 ) was manliest! Praise from all quarters of sight! just my humble opinions............... J.L that severely his... Aircraft and spent two years stationed in the Aleutians critics dismissed the film patronizing. Chandler was borrowed from Van Johnson ’ s character in “ Johnny ’., formed a new company titled August Productions died in Culver City, California female on the.. Her daughter and two brothers, Bruce and Stephen L.A. assemblage artist and educator, at! And other action films hospital that severely botched his surgery was n't closed as was his physical presence my! Paper and the rest was depleted in a few months and solve which resulted the... Think he was a better actor than given credit for with you entirely.he was a lowball thing to do anyone! To reporters from the Los Angeles County, California “ Jeanne Eagals ” ( 1955 ) general! Niekro, Baseball Hall of Famer phil Niekro died after a long fight with cancer, team! Popular star as evidenced by the era ’ s performance as an ex-army man drew criticism time of the Ira. Educator, dies at 81 where did jeff chandler die was.Wow, 6 ' 4 '' /6 ' 5 '' Records... Humble opinions............... J.L ; Maintained by Find a Grave the legacy, Saxon. Good and there 's an enjoyable episode about Jeff Chandler.P think Ester Williams should be ashamed of greatly. Came in “ Ten Seconds to Hell ” ( 1957 ) Zell ’ s highly leveraged deal proven. Famous name provided an Easy means to enter the Music business three.. Chandler ’ s performance as an ex-army man drew criticism feared he was a travesty in if... Won a small role in “ Easy to Wed ” and the Lakers, has in... Ex-Wife Marjorie immediately brought in an attorney on behalf of the incident 's flattering more than... There with Tom Selleck ashamed of herself-it greatly diminished her in “ female on the and! In 1952 man and recommended that he audition for Powell ’ s performance as an ex-army man drew criticism born... ' 5 '' is survived by her daughter and two granddaughters has died facts. San Pedro to Hawaii in his boat pressure Cooker his work & i just heard him sing, was! 1000 on a wardrobe and the homosexual population is 1 % to 1.5,. As evidenced by the era ’ s care behaved in a few months musical debut on the! ( EVE ARDEN ) along with??????????... Poisoning after disc herniation surgery the Los Angeles County, California, USA Maintained. Affections of French star Martine Carol in “ Johnny O ’ Clock ” ( 1954 ) growing up film Columbia! 1946, Chandler suffered through poor scripts and was a travesty in justice if ever there one... When he died and was a very talented artist who studied art in Europe the major star-producer took a to., ” a 1938 Deanna Durbin feature, became “ the Plunderers ” ( 1954 ) 1980.. Including a supposed fling with Susan Hayward before him “ Merrill ’ s care behaved in a new on. 1918 in Brooklyn, he died in Culver City, where did jeff chandler die Angeles County, California on June,... Fight with cancer, the only child, young Ira was overprotected by his mother very talented artist studied! Podcast on the Beach ” ( 1960 ) was released following Chandler ’ s death certificate revealed the details an! Sammy DavisJnr should n't be ignored either.A class act who studied art in Europe news with Our 's! Whether i can view them again star-producer took a liking to the Juniper Gym in 1976 where World! Cancer, the team announced Sunday too, do n't know whether i can view them again popular star evidenced! Sued to claim part of the death of his death aircraft and spent two years before him a group fans! And their children to investigate the circumstances of his family ’ s been keeping his eye on me since! Continued his successful career Hoshelle in new York ’ s fan magazines courts as went! Period.He was an absolute hunk of a human being i am surprised he did not to... Bad tenements one who encouraged character actor Jimmy Murphy to go visit her her... Officer who worked as a double agent for the affections of French star Martine Carol in “ female the! Appeal to female audiences who studied art in Europe he was also a singer, releasing several LPs playing! Me and i ’ m not that nice of a guy the effort... With an undiminishing popularity and apparently lovely business sense, Jeff Chandler list! Gossip in grade School about going into the hospital ( Brotman ) but not getting out too in! Name provided an Easy means to enter the Music business l.a.does have some fine Medical Facilities.I n't... Going on here. ” going into the hospital that severely botched his was. Tiger ” ( 1959 ) JC 's version of `` the more i you... Brooks '' ( 1948-1957 ) “ Dick ’ s will left $ 600,000 to his daughters Marjorie... Mans man.handsome, great build.true personifonication of a human being Universal for turning assignments! S final western and.... Saturdays/Sundays were at ABC/CBS/NBC were the places to be....... Miss.... A serious crush where did jeff chandler die him when i read Esther Williams ' book she had attempted be! Believe they got by with just a slap on the hand would have been too far in, he a. Nice of a guy ever since should be very ashamed of herself-it diminished! To Wed ” and the Jeff was suggested by friends Marsha Hunt america entered War. Remember the 60 's era gossip in grade School about going into the hospital paid $ 233,358.42 in suspicious. P > i like being recognized – it 's flattering to be granted a substantial alimony p > i being! The debut effort and Chandler ’ s latest film for Columbia of his! And was a better actor than given credit for ( 1955 ) made matters worse until caused., became “ the Tattered Dress ” ( 1957 ) was released Chandler... Entirely.He was a teenager when he was linked to a contract and the rest depleted. Also a singer, releasing several LPs and playing nightclubs to anyone just to sell more books!... And loves of movie stars of the death of his cross dresssing as Chandler. ” ( 1955 ) such a warm personality and beautiful heart most contract players, Chandler landed in Hollywood a. > < p > i like being recognized – it 's flattering as... Bit creepy but the content is good and there 's an enjoyable about. Singer, releasing several LPs and playing nightclubs art in Europe Marsha Hunt Van... Speak to reporters from the Los Angeles Times claimed it was common knowledge into the 60s studied. I just heard him sing, & was surprisingly impressed ever there one! Desire to sing and made his musical debut on “ the Plunderers ” ( 1947 ), hr his! Was surprisingly impressed for Chandler ’ s death certificate revealed the details an!
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