Title 24, Part 6

You may be asking; What is a Title 24?  Title 24, Part 6 is the section of the California Code of Regulations that encompasses the energy efficiency standards for residential and nonresidential buildings.  It was first established in 1978.  This code establishes standards for everything in a structure, including lighting, insulation, water heating, and heating/cooling systems.  It is the very standards by which we build our state.

This code is evaluated for changes by state  legislature every three years.  Our last code change went into affect October 2005.  Our next code changes will be adopted in Jan 2008 and become enforceable January 1, 2010.

Within this code, it requires local enforcement through the building and development departments of counties and cities within the state.  These local officials create the process that you need in order to gain permission for your project.  Before you apply for permission, you must get a Title 24 Report.  This is a computer-generated report that simulates the energy efficiency of your project.  It does not replace field inspection/verification.  It is a proposal, in writing, of your project and it's efficiency.

Within the Title 24 code, there are two options for compliance.  Performance or Prescriptive.  We use the performance method.  Under this method, we use a state-certified program called EnergyPro.  This program allows us to tailor the report for your exact project.  There are tradeoffs in this method, everything you do to your project makes a difference.  We take advantage of every aspect we can in order to give you the most cost-effective result for your build.  Keep in mind, any information about your project not disclosed, may just cost you in other areas of your project.  When providing information to us, tell us as much as you know.  It will help us, help you.  With this philosophy, we can provide a report to you that will be a bare minimum for your exact project.

Once we can put the completed report in your hands, you can then see your idea become a reality.


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