$147.79 Add to Cart. We blindly trusted chroma and later realized that it was a mistake to have this trust. This is the worst company and products! They said 7 to 14 days today is day 9 and still no word . On not getting the above mentioned emails from Samsung I called Samsung and talked to Brenda. The website showed the refund being processed on oct 8, and 14 days later (they said 7-14 days) I called to check the status and was told it was sent out October 13th and there's a few more days, I should get it. I bought my top load washer and matching dryer in 2014. Beacuse I have money problem . They give very casual answers and they won't value the money. The Refunds group Think of it as a black hole... I have an email promising a refund for my tablet from Samsung, in 7-10 business days, but now after about 27 business days the Executive Customer Relations Department says they can no longer quote turn around time. If I do not hear a positive response from Samsung I may take this issue to the MEDIA. 5. Of course, that amount can't be awarded until the initial sale has been finalized! I have spent HOURS and had MULTIPLE calls on my days off with different agents and managers explaining my situation over and over since August. I've been lied to multiple times by agents telling me the matter is getting resolved and I would be receiving a call from their escalation department for a exchange or return. I called SamSung for a shipping label but they said I would have to wait another week for a callback before I could send it back in. Being dissatisfied with the above answer I called Samsung again and talked to Mary. 2. The selves in the door also have a cleaning issue. Already, we have given the phone to the service center twice because of severe heating and hanging issues. We purchased a 55 inch smart Samsung tv 17 months ago was treated very rudely and don't care attitude and told different things by 2 different people on a recorded lioness told me I was basically out of luck on my tv when the picture went out. I have gotten such a runaround from what they call their customer service department. I was told that they would return tv and I would get complete refund. I won't wait around like many have on here for months as mine as already gone two and continues. HAVE TO GET REFUND TO PURCHASE ANOTHER!!! I never expected such worst performance from Samsung products.. and I consulted customer care, CEO desk for replacement and the only answer is to replace mother board. I'd call again, but I'm tired of the 45 minute hold time. I returned to the merchant, Home Depot. Had a problem with water leaking from the washer a month after I bought, Samsung sent out a repair tech to fix it and things were fine. Would never, I mean never, purchase another Samsung appliance ever again! Feels like we were being made to run around all this time with all kind of tales, being made a total fool of Notre objectif est de fournir la meilleure expérience pour nos clients et nous là pour vous. Their customer service is HORRIBLE! I am on to my next step. I've been waiting longer for my refund than the machine has worked. I stated I would take the refund. As others mentioned it is countless phone calls just to be going in circles. They transferred us to a case manager. Since that time, every 5 to 10 days it just turns off without warning. You can't even see their return policy. Four months later the freezer went out and all my food spoiled. He also told me that within 24-28 hours Samsung will contact me with offers to accept: while using my phone for connecting my laptop via USB tethering my phone suddenly switched off though the battery was 54%, and when I tried to switched it ON it was unable to do so.

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